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The mission of Dispute Resolution Institute, Inc. (DRI) is to help people in conflict find common ground, resolve disputes, and reach agreement.

We envision a world where mediation and other forms of dispute resolution are the first choice for people in conflict.

DRI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


Mediation is a way of resolving disputes.  Through mediation, people with a disagreement or problem talk about it, try to think of possible solutions, discuss how and whether the solutions would work, and try to reach an agreement.  They do this with the help of the mediator who keeps them on task and encourages them to speak honestly and respectfully with each other.

General Contact Information: 618.549.1200

Fax: 618.351.1419


If you have a question about your mediation case, or would like to request mediation, contact us at:

Fax: 618.351.1419 

DRI currently manages several programs throughout Illinois. If you have been ordered to one of our programs, please feel free to call or email us at the contact information included under Contact Us. 

If you are interested in mediating an issue with another party, please contact our office. We offer sliding scales fees and would be happy to connect you with a mediator to help you resolve the dispute.

If you are in need of training, DRI offers several training opportunities. Please sign-up for our newsletter to be the first to hear about upcoming trainings.


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