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Interested in Joining DRI?

New members are always welcome in DRI

Membership requirements, as set out in the bylaws are below:

  • Be currently involved in providing and/or promoting dispute resolution to individuals and group
  • Willingness to be committed to being involved in the activities and programs of the corporation, included but not limited to: attending board and corporate meetings; volunteering to serve on or lead committees; volunteering to help carry out programs, assisting with clerical and administrative duties in the corporate offices; and participate in other activities designed to promote corporate programming
  • Payment of annual dues

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Upcoming DRI Meetings

Board meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month at 5:30 p.m.  Location changes monthly.  If interested in attending, please contact us at 618-549-1200 or to find out where the next meeting is.  Everyone is welcome to attend!
Annual Member Meeting - First Monday in November