Mediation is a way of resolving disputes.  Through mediation, people with a disagreement or problem talk about it, try to think of possible solutions, discuss how and whether the solutions would work, and try to reach an agreement.  They do this with the help of the mediator who keeps them on task and encourages them to speak honestly and respectfully with each other.


Dispute Resolution for Parties with Ongoing Relationships:
Business, Family, and Community.

Friday, July 29, 2016
Hampton Inn, Carbondale, Illinois
6 Hours Training – No Prior Training Required
(MCLE Credit to be applied for)

Presented By: Jerald Kessler, J.D. & Perri Mayes, J.D.


$150 - Non-DRI Members
$100 - DRI Members
$20   - Law Students

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Training Provided By:
Dispute Resolution Institute, Inc
P.O. Box 1136
Carbondale, IL 62903
(618) 549-1200

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The members of the Dispute Resolution Institute (DRI) are professionals who are trained mediators and who share the common goal of providing mediation services, promoting ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution), and providing ongoing in-service and skill development.

If you have been directed by a First Judicial Circuit Judge to complete mediation, or you are considering mediation, this website will address many common questions. 

This site will help you locate a mediator in the First  Judicial Circuit  (counties of Alexander, Jackson, Johnson, Massac, Pulaski, Pope, Saline, Williamson, and Union) and direct you to other sources for mediators in other counties.

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